Bilingual Program

The Bilingual Program welcomes students from kindergarten and elementary school and sequentially will be expanded to the final years of elementary school. Offers a daily class, from Monday to Friday, within the curriculum.

A partnership with an International School – IS, enables:

  • Updated teaching material
  • Constant monitoring of teaching activities
  • Parental guidance systematically
  • Permanent training and guidance of teachers
  • Cultural exercises, hands on, problem solving, transdisciplinarity
  • References derived from the four pillars of UNESCO: Learn to know; Learn to do; Learn to live and Learn to be

Program Activities Purpose:

  • Interdisciplinary Experiences
  • Sensitivity
  • Stimulus toward arts skills
  • Games

Curriculum and Learning Process Intentionalities encourage:

  • Community Living Skills
  • Self knowledge
  • Inventiveness
  • Attitude of learning how to learn

The program offers:
Qualified and experienced teachers in the formation of students in the age groups
Coordination focus on innovation within the area and in serving the school community

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